Monday, October 7, 2013

Movin' Mondays: Putting Out Fires!

October 6-12 is Fire Safety Week, so I thought I'd share a fire-themed activity we did in speech where the kids were up and moving.  I cut out a bunch of flames and taped them around the room-- on doors, windows, cabinets, etc...

I used this activity for my artic kids.. I had them say 2 of their speech words 5x a piece before handing them an empty water bottle (their "fire hose").  Once they had the water bottle in hand, they ran to a spot in the room that had fire on it, and "sprayed" the fire out with their "fire hose."  They got to spray 1 flame before they had to run back to me and practice 1-2 more words 5x a piece, and then they got to run to another fire before running back to me again.

                      (this guy was running so fast to put out the fires on the filing cabinets that I couldn't get a non-blurry picture!)

I have to give credit to the new SLP that I'm working with for this idea-- I saw her setting it up for her preschoolers, and thought it was too cute not to use with mine!  My kids loved it!  

What are you doing for Fire Safety week?


  1. Hi! This is such an awesome idea! I might have to borrow this idea to use with some of my clients, as we're heading into bushfire season here in Australia.

    Love your blog, by the way. You have some really helpful ideas and resources.

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