Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday Giveaway!

My birthday was last Thursday (December 5), but I've been celebrating with different friends and family in different ways every day for the last 4-5 days! Tomorrow I'll be celebrating with a friend who couldn't celebrate with me last week, and that will be the last of the birthday celebrations... I didn't have anything birthday-related going on tonight, though, but I thought, "Why not keep going?"  No need for a "nothing" day when I could throw a giveaway! (Can you tell I love to celebrate my birthday?!).  So, check out the recent winter activities I've created and then enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

Up first.. a Winter Wonderland of Language! 

This one is a 40-page Winter-themed language packet geared towards PreK/K students.  It includes the following:

Basic Concepts cards for your Cariboo game-- includes concepts such as many/few, on top/under, fat/skinny, in front/behind, etc....

Frosty WH Questions (who, what, where, when, why)- includes extra blank cards as well as extra lose a turn/take another turn cards so it can be played as a game- whoever has the most snowmen at the end wins!

Hot Cocoa Categories: Sort the marshmallows onto 6 different cups of hot cocoa

Snowball Similarities & Differences: Cut out snowballs included. Place one item in one circle that the snowman is holding up, and from a field of 3-4 pictures, have students find the other snowball that goes with the item you presented. Students place the second snowball in the second circle on the snowman page, and tell how items go together and/or how they are different. 36 stimulus pictures (18 pairs) are included.

Penguin Pronouns: Feed the boy/girl penguins different fish with winter vocabulary pictures on them. Attach penguins to a brown bag or box of sorts, and cut out the dotted rectangle on their bellies. Have your students practice “He is eating a...." or “She is eating a.....” You could also use this as a receptive categorizing/pronoun task by having only select fish out at a time and giving instructions such as “Feed her something you wear.” and “Feed him something you eat.” Blank fish are also included.

Memory game with cute Christmas owls to play as a general reinforcer game!

..And, last but not least, lots of vocabulary activities! Dominos, Bingo, and Cariboo cards are all included in this packet.

You can find it in my TpT store here: 

The second one I just completed is a QR Code activity for Christmas called "Stuff the Stockings."  It works on inferencing and s-blends at the same time.  I used this during my observation with my SPED director, and he was really impressed with it!
It includes 42 inferencing cards with s-blend words as the answers. There are 6 cards for each blend (sm, sn, sp, st, sk, sl, sw). Also included are picture cards for each answer in case your students need choices, or to use as a variation on the game! (see below for suggestion)

Read the clues on each stocking to your students and have them guess what Santa stuffed in each stocking. After they guess, have students scan the QR code with any QR scanner app on a phone/iPod/iPad. A picture will come up, and your students will see whether or not they guessed correctly.

**NOTE: You will need WiFi for the QR codes to work**

Try these variations, too!
1. Have students pull the cards out of a hat or stocking first before handing them to you.

2. Use the printable pictures included of all the answers, and put them around the room or just on the table, etc… After the student guesses and checks his answer via scanning the QR code, have the student find the correct picture on the table and put it into a stocking before drawing another card.

You can find this activity in my TpT store here:

To enter to win a copy of each, enter below!

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