Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's In My Cart! (Link up!)

My shopping cart for the big TpT Sale is full and ready to go! I'm linking up with Speech Room News to show you what's in my cart, and to share a few items of mine you might find helpful!

First up are a couple of my items that I think you might be interested in! I've created bundles for my most popular-selling items.

1.  Community Helpers Bundle (link to purchase here)
My Community Helpers items have been some of my top sellers lately, so I decided to bundle them for a discount! It comes with the following:
1.  Community Helpers PreK Language Pack 
2.  Community Helpers UNO Card game
3.  Tic Tac Trucks:  Firetruck Articulation

The second product you may be interested in is my Open-Ended Games Bundle (link to purchase here).  These games are super fun reinforcers that can be used with any speech/language target.  They are perfect go-to games when you need to quickly grab and go!

This includes the following:
1.  Ready.. Set.. Build! An open-ended building block game:  students collect different building blocks needed to create the designs on their mats!

2.  Build Your Own Superhero:  This is one of my most popular items!  Students get to choose a Superhero mat and collect all the pieces needed for that Superhero's costume.  Or, play with the option where students can build their own superhero from "scratch!" -- they choose exactly what their Superhero gets to look like!

3.  Turtle Power Pizza Party- Build Your Own Pizza Game:  Who doesn't love these turtles? Join them in their love of pizza by picking a pizza mat and collecting all the ingredients necessary to create your pizza!

4.  SUPER open-ended, no print, interactive games!  This is a powerpoint file.  The game is based on a points system.  Click the pictures next to the superhero on each slide to see the number behind it.  Tally up the points at the end, and whoever has the most points, wins!

NOW, onto what's in my cart!  I'm not sure if I'll end up purchasing all of these, but here are my top contenders that I'd really like to purchase!

1.  Interactive Visuals for Guessing Games, Describing, and Inferencing from Speechy Musings
This looks SO amazing for teaching kids how to ask questions when playing guessing games like Hedbanz!

I have the Candy Land basic concepts cards from Jenna (my very first TpT purchase!!), and have a little guy who LOVES Candyland that I'd like to get these cards for.

3.  Articulation Cans from Putting Words In Your Mouth by Mia
These look like so much fun-- a great way to spice it up a bit instead of using the same old articulation cards!

4.  Tackling Apraxia (also from Mia)
These graphics just look too cute not to purchase, and being in preschool, I have PLENTY of kids that could use these activities (not just kids with apraxia!)

5.  Things That Go! Quick Drill (annnnd also from Mia! Can you tell I love her materials??)
My kids love the other quick drill sets I have of hers, and they are SO easy to just grab and go when I haven't had time to plan and need a fun activity.

There are so many great materials out there-- What are you purchasing for the big sale?? My store will be 20% off, and use code TPT3 to get a total of 28% off your purchase!

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