Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stop Sign Craftivity

I love to do simple crafts in speech with my articulation kids, because it's an easy way for parents to know what sounds we are focusing on for that week so they can reinforce at home! The kids love getting to come back to the classroom and show off what they made to their teacher and friends, too!

For transportation week, I came up with a super simple craft that takes virtually no prep time: Speech Stop Signs!

Literally- all you have to do is cut an octagon out of red construction paper and you're halfway there! Just make copies of pictures of their speech words (ie from the Jumbo Articulation Book), cut them out, and have them practice their words as they glue them onto the stop sign.  For extra practice, they can color the pictures while practicing, and then practice again as they're gluing.  Lots of opportunity for repetitions!

Do you have any favorite crafts related to transportation??

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