Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Going "Buggy" In Speech!

Ah, Spring has finally arrived in Kansas and in the speech room! The next couple weeks in preschool have a theme of "Things that live and grow" so we're learning about plants and bugs.  This week in particular, I'm focusing on ladybugs!

This morning, I grabbed some red bulletin board paper from the workroom, my Jenga box, and a Sharpie, and went to town tracing circles & creating an activity for my articulation/phonological kids! It only took about 10 minutes from start to finish... But then I had to spend another 10 minutes trying to get Sharpie dots off my therapy table... (Note to self: invest in some washable markers....) 

I tossed cards onto the ladybugs, face down, and when it was their turn, the kids picked a card to swat and practiced the word on the card.  It was super easy to switch out target cards for different students and groups.  I had the kids swat their colored cards in particular to make sure they got the right practice (i.e. s-blend kids were looking for pink cards, /f/ kids were looking for red cards, etc...)

I borrowed some fly swatters from a coworker, and they just happened to ladybugs, as well, so it worked out pretty perfectly!  

Both the boys AND girls loved it! Some may have gotten a little TOO excited to use the flyswatter, but thankfully I only got whacked with it once today ;-) 

Do have any fun bug activities you're using in your speech room??

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