Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Strips Craftivity

I love incorporating crafts into speech therapy sessions! I love crafting, period, but making a craft with articulation words is an easy way for parents to know what we were working on in speech that day (and hopefully do a little carryover practice at home, too!).

I saw a cute pumpkin craft on Pinterest from NurtureStore and decided to adapt it for therapy this week!

You can have the kids cut the strips out (could be a good activity if you cotreat with your OT!), or, utilize a paper cutter at school to have it prepped beforehand!

As we practiced the students' target words, I wrote 1 word per strip and then gave them the strip so they could draw a picture representation of their target words.   (I didn't attempt to draw pictures on my own example, but if I did, they'd probably look similar to my preschool students' drawings ;-))

If they were able to do some independent practice, I had them practice quietly to themselves while they were drawing.  Having them draw pictures let them be able to take some creative direction with this craft! (And, it kept them occupied in a group when it was the other student's turn! Win-win!)

When you have all the strips, you'll want to arrange them all face-down, in a snowflake-like arrangement (see examples here) and secure at both ends.  We used staples to hold the pieces together, but you could use either brads or maybe even glue to keep all the ends together if you preferred something else.

Easy peasy!

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