Sunday, July 31, 2016

What's In Your Cart Link-Up

The big Back to School TpT Sale is just about here, and I am SO excited! I love getting to stock up on great materials from my other blogger friends to kick-start the new year! I'm linking up with Jenna at Speech Room News to share some materials from both my store, and materials from others' TpT stores that I have either purchased in the past and love, or ones that I plan to purchase this upcoming sale!

From my store...

1- All About Me/Back to School Dot & Dough:
Get your first week of baseline data using these fun playdough and dot marker pages that your students will LOVE! If you use 3-ring page protectors rather than laminating, this pack is essentially no-prep (other than sliding pages into the page protectors!)- even better!

You can target vocabulary, object functions, WH questions, categories, pronouns, -ing verbs, and basic concepts with these pages, as well as open-ended pages for targeting other goals. 

2.  Woof! A dog-themed unit

Pictured: Category sorting, open-ended playdough page, and Cariboo spatial concepts

This unit has helped me through a jam with super shy kiddos more than once-- I was able to get those kiddos to warm up and feel comfortable talking to me during evaluations much more quickly with puppies, because who doesn't love puppies, #amiright?! Ha.

With this unit, you'll have activities to target SO MANY goals- receptive/expressive category sorting, pronouns/'be' verbs/-ing verbs with dogs doing different actions, spatial/qualitative/quantitative basic concepts with graphing pages and adorable Cariboo cards, interactive WH question books, and dot marker pages to target WH questions about dogs!  There are even several open-ended activities to use with any goal.

My own two dogs, Molly and Bruce, approve of this unit, and the interactive books based on them (and how do you disagree with two sweet faces like those?! ;-))

From my other blogger friends' TpT stores!

These look SO cute, and I am all about making my organizational materials look pretty! It helps keep me motivated to be organized if I can be organized with #alltheprettythings

I haven't purchased any of these yet, but plan on it this go around.  I love the unique-ness of her interactive books, and that you can target a variety of goals with the books.

I own the "what" and "where" books, and plan to pick up the "who" book, as well! These are great for teaching the concept of those tricky WH questions, and I love that I can target pronouns, 'be' verbs, and action words with the "what doing" book to meet the needs of other kids on my caseload, as well.

Never have I ever used an interactive book so frequently as I have this summer with my new caseload :) Music is the way to many of their hearts, so we've done quite a few renditions of Wheels on the Bus.  I've been able to target some core vocabulary with AAC devices by having something tangible paired with the song, too!

This. Is. Amazing.  I can't even tell you how much use I've gotten out of this.  There are enough icons in here to be able to put together a PECS book, and I love the core/fringe vocabulary file folder sets.  You'll also get visuals for some different "snacktivities" along with visual schedules, a couple social stories, and "I am working for" templates.  If you have kiddos with Autism on your caseload, you NEED this!

What are you looking forward to purchasing this sale? Click the image below to find others who have linked up to Speech Room News to share what they are purchasing this sale!


  1. Love the picture of your pups (and your materials look fantastic)!

  2. Eeeek! I'm so honored you like my materials, Kari. Your dot and dough is so great-the little ones I'm seeing right now would love it! I hope your transition back to school is a good one :)) or at least as painless as possible.

  3. You are too sweet Kari! I am honored you would put my AAC Starter kit in my cart. I need to get Mia's back to school who interactive book!

  4. Oh, we love Wheels on the Bus too! ;) Thanks!


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