Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Progress Monitoring: A Frenzied SLP link-up!

The Frenzied SLPs are linking up today to bring you some information on progress monitoring and data collection! Truthfully, this is not my area of forte.  I never have managed to come up with a general data sheet that I have just *LOVED*, but I'll share with you what I found worked best for me with my caseload in the schools!

I tried binders.  I tried folders.  I tried every data sheet under the sun!  Nothing really stuck with me, but I did find a system that worked well for me with regard to taking data quickly in groups, and having a way to track data in the preschool classroom without carrying around a bulky binder or stacks of folders.

Enter: Return Address Labels

Each morning before I started the day, I'd grab a new sheet of address labels (or use a partial one from the previous day) to use to take data throughout the day.

I only had to have one page out for each group, no matter how large the group was, and could take individual data on individual labels, to peel off and stick onto each of their data sheets later.  If it came down to it, you could even put a few of them on your leg to jot notes down if you're going to be on the floor, say, in the dramatic play area, or otherwise in a situation where it's not ideal to have a full sheet out to write on/keep track of.

At the end of the day, when it came time to do Medicaid billing, it was easy to just run down the sheet(s) from the day and enter in the system for each kiddo who required billing.

Harry Potter, anyone? ;-)

From there, the sticky labels are transferred onto their individual data sheets (kept in a binder) in the individual goal columns.  This way, even though you don't necessarily always have their full data sheets out in front of you, you are still looking at the data sheets frequently to see how they are progressing with their goals, which goals you haven't targeted or taken data on for a bit, etc...

(This is just a makeshift data sheet I quickly drew up by hand for the purpose of this blog post, but for my real data sheets, I printed the label template sheet from the Avery website, for the size of labels I had, and wrote goal areas at the top of each column)

It's not a perfect system, but it's what worked best for me, my schedule/time constraints, and my caseload!  I didn't waste time flipping through data sheets, and the sticky labels are at least transferable, so I didn't have to re-write data onto data sheets, or fear that the labels would lose their stickiness over time on the data sheet, like post-it notes would!

What system works for you? Have you found anything you loved? Be sure to read the other posts in this link-up for some great ideas!


  1. This is the most fantastic idea ever! Thanks so much for this helpful post! Kari, you and your blog and treatment materials all ROCK! :) Manda

  2. I use the mailing labels, too! Best way ever!

  3. I started using labels last school year after Mary of Old School Speech described their use. I love the system. Great post, as usual!!

  4. Fantastic idea for me to try when I see my pre-k groups. I love that I can stick them on my knee and write if I am on the floor with them! Thanks for a great idea, Kari.

  5. I use labels & LOVE it, but you took it to a whole other level! What a great idea to put them in columns according to the goals!

  6. I think you came up with a great system! Now, do you have a link for saving on labels?


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