Earth Day Recycle Sort Small Groups Activity

Happy Earth Day! I just wanted to share with you a super quick, no-prep activity I’ve been doing for Earth Day this week!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am one of the small group stations the prek kids rotate through in each classroom.  Each rotation lasts about 6-7 minutes, and this activity is perfect for that length of time. Side note: The pictures are from my office area, but I used the activity in the classrooms!

I grabbed these FREE Earth Day Recycle Sorting Mats on TpT and grabbed some recyclable items from my home and office, and I was done!  (Be sure to leave her some feedback if you download!)

We started out by talking about what recycling is & how it works, then we moved on to this activity.  I had all the items in a bag, and had the kids each pull out an item.  We talked about what each item was made out of, and then they had to put it on the right mat.  Preschoolers love getting to pull anything out of a bag, so something even as simple as this seemed to be a hit with many of them!

We had discussions about glass vs plastic (like what would happen if you dropped a glass bottle vs a plastic bottle) and I also had them come up with other foods that would come in a cardboard box (like crackers, Cheez-Its, cookies, goldfish, fruit snack packs, etc…) or in a can (like canned fruits and veggies), as well as other drinks that would come in a plastic bottle (juice, water).

Going “Buggy” In Speech!

Ah, Spring has finally arrived in Kansas and in the speech room! The next couple weeks in preschool have a theme of “Things that live and grow” so we’re learning about plants and bugs.  This week in particular, I’m focusing on ladybugs!
This morning, I grabbed some red bulletin board paper from the workroom, my Jenga box, and a Sharpie, and went to town tracing circles & creating an activity for my articulation/phonological kids! It only took about 10 minutes from start to finish… But then I had to spend another 10 minutes trying to get Sharpie dots off my therapy table… (Note to self: invest in some washable markers….) 
I tossed cards onto the ladybugs, face down, and when it was their turn, the kids picked a card to swat and practiced the word on the card.  It was super easy to switch out target cards for different students and groups.  I had the kids swat their colored cards in particular to make sure they got the right practice (i.e. s-blend kids were looking for pink cards, /f/ kids were looking for red cards, etc…)
I borrowed some fly swatters from a coworker, and they just happened to ladybugs, as well, so it worked out pretty perfectly!  
Both the boys AND girls loved it! Some may have gotten a little TOO excited to use the flyswatter, but thankfully I only got whacked with it once today 😉 
Do have any fun bug activities you’re using in your speech room??