Target Dollar Spot Finds for Therapy- February 2017!

Well, it’s a good thing I struck out on everything I tried on at Loft over the weekend because I went to Target on my way home to pick up 3 things (bananas, milk, and peppermint extract) and proceeded to spend all the money on all the things non food-related:  Target clothes (because I obviously need more than the 8 cardigans already in my closet) and therapy materials in the Dollar Spot (I mean, it’s for the kids, right? Right.)  I wanted to share the things I found in hopes that you can find them at your Target Dollar Spot, too!

First up.. These felt boards! *swoon* (pretend there are several heart eye emojis here) I love the transportation one for labeling transportation vocabulary, answering WH questions, concepts/following directions (“Put the blue plane under the sun” etc..), and sorting into categories.  It comes with 11 felt pieces to sort into 4 different locations.

I also used this with one of my AAC users who is using ProLoQuo, and I modeled transportation vocab, as well as phrases using core vocabulary like “go up there” “in there” “up here” “go on” etc…
Here’s a closeup of the pieces included: a submarine, ship, sailboat, two rockets, a jet, an airplane, a bulldozer, racecar, train, and police car
One of the other things I LOVE about it is that the back of the board has a pouch for storing all the pieces, and it folds into fourths and ties with a ribbon to hold it together, so it’s super easy to store!
The dollhouse felt board set is amazing, too! I love it for household/clothing vocabulary, and following directions.  It had several “lift-the-flap” components to it, too.
It includes 14 manipulative pieces: 4 girls, 8 clothing pieces, a pie, and a cat…
…and folds out to several different rooms.  Here in the kitchen, you can pretend to cook a pie in the oven (the oven opens up), eat/drink various items from the fridge, wash hands at the sink, sit down at the table, etc…
In the closet, you can give directions to hang certain clothing items on the hangers, put the cat on the chair, talk about the clothing items on the background and where they would go, and try on different clothes (“Give her a blue dress”) 
You can also have the dolls (and the cat!) take a nap/go to bed.
There are also some outdoor scenes, with the front of the house, and this nature background:
Also found in the Dollar Spot: these reusable sticker clings with background scenes! I picked up the dinosaur and woodland creature ones, but they also had a king/queen/castle/dragon sticker scene, too! 
These are great for targeting following directions with basic concepts.  

You can find the short mountain, tall mountain, put dinosaurs on top of the mountain, in the water, next to the rock, above the tree, below the volcano, etc….

I think the dinosaur one in particular is great for describing.. since they’re all dinosaurs, you have to be descriptive/specific in which one to get!

For example, “the blue dinosaur with green spikes” “the blue dinosaur with a long neck and glasses” “the green dinosaur with a yellow belly” etc…  Have your students give you, or each other, the description of which dinosaur to get and where to put it– with two sets, you could play it as a barrier game.

The forest friends set below was too cute to pass up:

And the dinosaur fingers… oh, the dinosaur fingers.  

 You basically put these on your finger, pull back, and fling with your finger and they go FLYING. I tried to sneakily hit my unsuspecting husband while he was on his computer, but grossly underestimated how far they’d fly.. ha.

This could probably get out of control really quickly, and I’m definitely only planning on using this with kids who I think could handle this and not get out-of-control revved up from the excitement.  I’m thinking we’re going to fling these at artic cards propped up against the wall.  I’ll report back and let you know how it goes. These would probably make awesome reinforcers, though, if you have older artic kids that aren’t motivated to come to speech.

Lastly, there was this super cute, couldn’t-pass-up, bug catcher with a frog on it.  I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with this yet, but I think it would be cute to use my “spring” and “bug” themed Cariboo vocabulary cards with this.

Happy shopping, friends!!