Monsters Love School Halloween Activities

Halloween is my fave when it comes to therapy activities.  So many fun books, and “Monsters Love School” by Mike Austin is no exception! I discovered it over the summer, and love how these monsters can be paired with “Back to School” themed activities AND Halloween themes!

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I know this time of year gets crazy, so these book-themed activities are a BREEZE when it comes to prepping!
First up.. the book itself:
An inside look at a monster’s day at school- how can anyone resist?! The little monsters have a school supply checklist for their backpacks (object functions, anyone?), and they experience different activities like art class where they make hats and masks. 

Why, thanks, Mike Austin, for basically planning my therapy for me.  Genius, I tell you. (More on the costume part later!)

The monsters also swing, read books, eat lunch, write, walk, and sing… so you can work on some simple action verbs and pronouns, too!

Click here to check out the book!
Play dough Monsters

I love this activity for following directions and basic concepts/prepositions.  All you need is play dough, some pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and beads (or fruit loops.. or anything else you could slide onto pipe cleaners!) I’ve also used small pieces of cut straws, too.

Some examples of how to target concepts and following directions:
“Put 2 beads on the tall pipe cleaner” 
“Get 1 big eye and 2 little eyes”
“Put 2 beads under the eyes”

OR, use them for articulation/phonology/apraxia therapy, and get an eye or a bead for each sound or word production!

Sensory Bin

Make a monster theme sensory bin! Toss some googly eyes into a bin of black beans, stick in some stimulus cards, and you’re good to go! I used school supply Cariboo cards (part of my year-round vocabulary set) to work on object functions.  Click here to find them in my TPT store.

Make a paper plate monster! Print off any stimulus cards on colored printer paper (I used my school supply Cariboo cards again), and glue them onto a paper plate, along with a giant eyeball and a mouth. Voila- their very own monster!

I do crafts like this with speech sound Cariboo cards, too, so that the kids have something to take home to show what sounds/words we’ve been working on!

Another craft activity you could do is make a mask, just like the monsters made in art class! Perfect activity for Halloween!

You can work on following directions and basic concepts with this activity with different art materials like construction paper shapes, stickers, dot markers, sequins, etc… Or, just use it as a reinforcer activity to keep your kids’ hands busy while waiting their turn in a group!

If you have an iPad, take pictures of the students wearing their masks.  Show them the photos, and see if they can guess WHO it is in the group that’s wearing that mask.  I did this as a whole group activity for Little Blue Truck’s Halloween, and the kids had fun guessing which classmate was under the mask! (And it was great for working on simple “who” questions!)

Which one of these activities is your favorite? Be sure to let me know if you’re using any of these!

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